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Made with your breastmilk, wedding bouquet, funeral flowers, loved one's cremated remains, and other sentimental material; each keepsake is designed to show off your unique style, telling the story of your cherished memory.

Using silver and/or gold, every keepsake is made by hand.

If you want to treat yourself or a loved one to a truly memorable gift, we would be honored to serve you!

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*Please note, all jewelry on our website are previous comissions. They can be recreated or altered, however no two are exactly alike.


Eternity Band

Silver, Emerald, Alexandrite, and Breastmilk

Rose Gold Cushion ring with Breastmilk, funeral flowers, and gold leaf

Artisan Ring with sentimentall natural stone cabochon

Enameled fine silver with cremated remains and opal, in the likeness of a galaxy.

14k Yellow gold oval breastmilk ring

Sterling Silver Signet Ring set with funeral flowers and Cubic Zirconia. Also available in diamonds

Sterling Silver accented ring set with Cremated remains.

Fur Keepsake Ring set in sterling silver with leaf accents, double band, and blue opal.

14k Rose Gold breastmilk ring with gold leaf and Barbie pink accents, in the likeness of a geode, using both her breastmilks.

Funeral flower marquise set in sterling silver with leaf accents

14k Yellow gold oval breastmilk ring

Sunburst topax and opal with breastmilk in sterling silver

Cremated remains and opal pear in sterling silver

Clay and glass marble memorial ring in sterling silver

Breastmilk with added opal set in 14k White gold with diamonds

10lk Rose gold marquis breastmilk and round tourmalines ring

Sunburst Peridot and Pearl with beard hair stone

Sentimental flowers abstract pendant with rope frame in sterling silver

Cross opal marquise ring with angel wings in sterling silver

14k Rose gold cushion ring with umbilical cords, bird, and bee artisan scene

Funeral flower heart set in sterling silver

Cremated remains memorial stone in likeness of Pietersite in sterling silver and genuine leather cord bracelet

14k Yellow gold serated breastmilk ring

14k White gold rectangle memorial stone with cremated remains, fur, and tennis ball

Sterling Silver halo ring with peridot and cubic zirconia with beard hair stone

Pietersite set in 10k rose gold ring with sterling silver accents

Signet ring with memorial flowers and diamonds in sterling silver

Funeral Flower sterling silver cuff bracelet

In the likeness of a peacock feather, sterling silver and rose gold ring housing baby's first haircut, breastmilk, natural stone, and opal

Sterling silver halo ring with breastmilk and cubic zirconia

Marbled breastmilk oval necklace in sterling silver

Enameled copperr hexagon with round ash stone

Cremated remains heart set in sterling silver

Funeral flower stone next to a cremated remains stone set in sterling silver

14k Rose gold necklace with round ash and opal stone

14k Yellow gold inlay ring with cremated remains

Labradorite and Citrine pendant in sterling silver

14k Yellow gold cremated remains marquise with blue opal round accents

10k Rose gold and sterling silver roped ring with oval breastmilk stone

Waved sterling silver ring with cremated remains beach scene stone

Natural pearl with blue slag glass pear earrings

14k Yellow breastmilk pear ring

Larimar copper cuff bracelet

Sentimental pearls restoration necklace

Cremated ash set in "pearl" beaded bracelet

Breastmilk round sterling silver bracelet

Horseshoe cuff bracelet in copper and silver with cubic zirconia

Memorial hair heart in sterling silver

Pocket knife with colored cremated remains

Pocket knife with Buckeye pieces and tourquoise bits

Pocketknife with wedding flowers

Pocketknife with funeral flowers

Pocketknife with memorial flowers

Pocket knife with wedding dress, hair, wedding flowers, and breastmilk

Sentimental Flower cross in sterling silver

Memorial flower and gold leaf tree with breastmilk set in 10k rose gold

Breastmilk and opal pear halo ring set in sterling silver and diamonds

Funeral red roses with green opal marquise in sterling silver

Waved sterling silver ring with cremated remains round

Crowned ash stone in sterling silver