Heirloom Dish Keepsake Level 3

Heirloom Dish Keepsake Level 3

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If you're like me, you've been given Porcelain and China dishes from Grandma, Mom, & Aunt that you never use but hold on to.

Let's turn them into jewelry! 

I request one dish or broken piece to set in your choice of silver setting.

Materials that can be used to make your keepsake include: Dried Flowers • Cremated Remains • Hair • Placenta • Breast Milk • Umbilical cord • Sand • Soil 



Your choice of shape for keepsake stone: Oval • Teardrop • Heart • Square • Cushion • Marquis • Circle • Hexagon • Cross • Emerald • 

Keepsake Stone can be made with material only or we can add: Birthstone Flakes • Gold Flakes • Color • Glitter • Synthetic Opal • Marble Design 


🌿LEVEL 2: 

Above options & added Silver Accents around the stone. Options include: leaves • flowers • bird • feathers • butterfly • ball • & more! 

&/or your choice of semiprecious stone & shape paired with the sentimental keepsake stone. 

Semiprecious stones include: birthstones • turquoise • spiny oyster • amethyst • composites  • & more!

Semiprecious stone shapes include: Oval • Teardrop • Heart • Square • Cushion • Marquis • Circle • Hexagon


 🌿LEVEL 3:

Above options & a silhouette on the reverse side of the piece

Above options & 2+ semiprecious stones with sentimental keepsake stone. 

Above options & colored enamel on silver. 


If you would like your setting made in rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold, please contact us at rltjewelry@yahoo.com, go to the chat box, or feel free to call or text 217-303-6143.

Quote will be given per cost of gold that day. Pricing may change if gold price increases when material is ordered. 


Because I create each piece from start to finish, new designs are always available! If you do not see an option you'd like, let's explore your ideas together. 

 In-person and virtual consultations are encouraged to ensure your satisfaction. Typically lasts 15-30 minutes. 


How it works: 

I request: 2-4 flower petals • half teaspoon of cremated remains • one ounce of breast milk 

Upon receiving your order, I start working on your piece. 

Turn around time is 4-6 weeks.

I ship all completed items once a week, on Tuesdays unless specific day is agreed upon. 

I will keep you updated on the process!

If local, we have the option to meet in person! 


Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you and your loved ones. God bless!🕊